Tuesday, July 24

Summer showers

Sorry, I've been busy in the last few days so I haven't had time to post but Emma (SFF) gave me an idea today. Yes we all hate it more than any other weather but It's even worse when it's pouring down in the middle of summer. Not only does it turn your freshly straightened hair into a fuzz ball, but it also conjures up the same old problem every time " What should I wear in the hot rain?"

The Image below consists of:
Cotton dress, £32 Topshop (100% cotton so fast drying)

Tights, Get them anywhere (Fast drying)

Leather bag, £20 Topshop

Wedges, £50 Topshop (Great for keeping those toosties dry because of the height)

Coat, £50 Topshop (Pop on if gets chilly)

The next outfit is another perfect summers rainy day outfit...

Long shorts, £25 Miss Selfridge

Camisole, £12 Debenhams

Mac, £55 Debenhams

Shoes, £20 Debenhams

Bag, £55 Topshop

Belt, £12 Topshop

Thursday, July 19

The Body Shop Body Butters and Scrubs *2 for £20

The Body shop is a natural, colourful shop with smells that nearly knock you flying as you enter through the door. It has been open for years with products that are a firm favourite with all the family.
At the moment, one of my favourite Body shop products is the ever famous Body Butter in the smell Shea. It's rich, thick and comforting to put on as a bedtime lotion. If you are not one to go for thick textured body products, this isn't the one for you but it's packed full of natural ingredients to help nourish and moisturize your skin, leaving it silky smooth for up to 24 hours.
Get yours now whilst it is on offer at 2 for £20 instead of £12 each. And with the body butter and the body scrub in the offer, your skin will be the smoothest it's ever been. But hurry up, the offer ends on 7th August.
Buy it here.

Splash vs save

When I flicked through the Avon brochure, my eyes lit up when I saw their Daring Curves mascara. My lashes lack curl and at the time it looked great, £8 for two products when the mascara was £7 on its own! But after looking back on the internet (eBay) I saw pictures of the brush, slightly spirally. Deja-vu struck, where had I seen it before? So I ran to my mascara section of my make-up box and yes! I knew it, I did have a mascara that looked similar. Lancome's Hypnose...

Price:Lancome came in at a shocking £18.50 compared to Avon's £7

Packaging: Both look pretty similar, (Lancome is on the left picture, Avon on the right) with the curved bottles as you can see.

Brush: Again, the brushes are very similar to one-another but Avon's brush is made out of bristles that aren't as soft as the Lancome one.

Application: These mascaras are quite tricky to apply for the first time because the bristles are all different lengths so it feels like they will touch your lid but once you have got used to it, you can master the art of mascara in seconds.

Performance: Now I definately prefer the Lacome one because it doesn't clump and lifts your lashes by about 50% more than the Avon one. I have the lancome one in black and the Avon one in brown so it is unfair to judge on colour but I give...

Lancome:9/10 Avon:5/10

Here are two pictures of me wearing the mascaras,
Lancome on the left and Avon on the right

Wednesday, July 18

More About me...

As if you need to know more about me! I'm a blogger, a cosmetics junkie and a lover of all things pretty. But meh. It won't hurt finding out a bit more!

Favourite shop: Definitely Selfridges! Clothing, beauty, shoes and bags all in one. I love it. The beauty hall is so pretty with Clinique here, Dior there and MAC tempting you with an innovative new product. Whats not to love?
Favourite clothing brand: (If cost was no concern) Oh it would have to be chloe! They make pretty clothes that are not too fussy.
Favourite beauty brand: On budget I would choose Soap & Glory because the products smell gorgeous! Luxury would be Dior, I'm in love with the mascaras.
Five favourite beauty items: This one is a toughie but I think I would choose: my Lancome Juicy tube (#15 Groiseille), Diorshow waterproof mascara, Soap & Glory Clean on me shower gel, Charles Worthington serum (i'm not fussy on which one) and last but not least Bourjois So laque nail polish. Phew!
Biggest beauty tip: Drink water, look after your skin and don't sleep with make-up on
Comfort or Style? It would have to be style.
Beauty reigime: Morning: Cleanse & tone. Apply hand cream & lip balm. Night: Cleanse & tone. Apply foot cream.
Weekly: Exfoliate skin (twice weekly), apply hair mask, pedicure, manicure.


They're hated at Shiny fashion forums, they're despised in my school ,what do you think of the gawd damn awful *tries to say the word as quietly as possible* Crocs..
They come in all diferent styles and colours and appear in almost every shop you look in. Ohh no Crocs you don't have us all fooled, hyptnotized by the "wonderful" array of colours.
Personally I don't mind the flip flops (athens), they're ok as a sporty/casual flip flop. But the Caymen and other styles are just hideous! Think gems and badges to stick in the little holes of your Crocs is fashionable? Think again! The only people who should wear Crocs are hikers and other workers who need comfort but not style. Just the other day I heard a girl bragging to her friend that she had Crocs! What a thing to brag about. Yes Paris Hilton was spotted wearing them on a beach a few weeks ago but even she can't pull them off! On my most recent holiday I spotted a girl wearing bubblegum pink fake ones with a tartan skirt and I laughed out loud! Why oh why do people want to copy the Croc. Poor souls
They're expensive, they're hidoeus and they will make you look like Donald duck. Still like them?...


Hi, my name's beth, I'm nearly 13 and I live in England. I'm a regular poster on Shiny Fashion Forums and a reader of Shoewawa, CQ, Kiss and makup ect. This is my first time of making a blog so I'm pretty nervous about it.
Ok so in the blog I will be talking about fashion, make-up, shoes and handbags. I will try my best to post daily but forgive me if I don't meet to the name of the blog :D
So here goes, I'm going to send my first post...