Wednesday, November 14

Uggs: In or out

Ugg boots have been a fashion item for years now. But as they return, will you be slipping a pair on over the weekend?
Here are my pick of classic and the more unusual Uggs...
Ugg Australia's Rina is an updated version of the classic, flat ugg, with this seasons hottest metallic colours and a wrap around cotton ribbon. These come in on the pricier end at £200. Available in black, brown or metallic gold.

Another Ugg Australia find was these crotchet style ugg boots. I've had my eye on these ever since I first saw them in Selfridges and they are again on the more pricier end of budgets totalling £100. Available in black, indigo or mink.
If you are a fan of the shorter, classic uggs, NEXT has a mid priced pair for £30. You can wear them with the tops up or folded over to show some of the soft fur that lines the inside. Available in black or chestnut.

I know there are some of you who long to wear uggs for aomfort but just can't bring yourselves to do it and ruin your smart image! So what better place to wear uggs than inside the comfort of your own home! Here's a few I found...

These snuggle boots are from NEXT and available in cream or lilac. They are £15 and guaranteed to be supersoft!

These were made with the ultimate girly girl in mind. Pop out to put grab the milk on the doorstep and watch all those stares at your toasty warm pink girly suggs! £12 and only available in pink from NEXT.

Clinique superbalm-mango tint

I finally went for it. After months of debating weather to get this so called super-product, I gave in and bought some...
Price: I got two 5ml ones for £3.70 on ebay which I think is fantastic value because from Clinique counters, it's £10 for a 10ml tube.

Packaging:The packaging is just a clear tube with a slanted applicator. I find these hygenic and compact without hacing to add a lip brush ect. into your bag. The clear tube with classic Clinique C on it looks simple and classy and also helps you see the colour from the outside. I found the tube hard to squeeze product out which I don't normally find with lipglosses.

Texture:The texture of this gloss/balm feels a lot more like a gloss than a balm when applied to your lips. It feels cushiony and soft when you rub your lips together. The lipgloss doesn't dry out fast on your lips and feels "there" and really glossy for about 2 hours. It ddoes fade after about 4 hours of wear but doesn't leave dead bits of skin on your lips, they just feel very soft.

Colour: The colour in the tube is an orange colour that you wouldn't choose normally and would be scared to put on your lips!But it just goes on looking clear/peachy and enhancing the natural colour of your lips.
I will re-purchase because it's not as sticky as Lancome JT's but has just as much staying power and feels 10x better on your lips. Overall. 10/10 (yes I know I've given everything I've reviewed high scores, I've just got lucky in choosing good makeup/haircare/bath stuff) My new Holy Grail lipgloss which is moisturizing, cheap and clossy oh and non sticky!!