Monday, January 21

And on Serene Beauty today....

Yep, I'm advertising my other blog :P But I'm doing a series of posts in the next month with my favourite products and you can ask me about them ect ect.....It's called I love my.... and here is a preview of the first one.

"This is our new feature, I love my... run by Beth. Each week, we will show you our favourites out of a category. In the coming weeks, we will be doing:
Skin treats
Bath favourites
And much much more!
Now this week I will be showing you my favourite everyday skincare products, yes I am a bit of a Clinique girl but Bliss is my other cult brand! To see the picture, just double click on it and I have labeled them and added the prices. If you've been wanting to try anything or find out how good it is, just drop me a comment and I'll do a review feature within the week (hopefully) to give you an idea of weather it's for you or not. And if there's anything that you're not too sure about, just ask and I'll answer any questions about it! Enjoy my I love....My skincare products!"

There's your preview, it doesn't matter where you reply (if you do) but I have got my next ones ready and waiting to be posted but I will make it a weekly or more often thing.

Wednesday, January 16

Fits like a glove!

Gloves are a fantastic way to accessorize a dull coat. Choose from fingerless, long, flip back and many materials. They vary in price from the super cheap supermarket fleecy ones to the exquisite leather and cashmere ones. Here's my pick of the top three gloves!

Super cute and totally practical, these purple pretties from Monsoon are a steal at £8 and are in the seasons hot colour. Also available in pink and other colours, they have a pretty diamante in the button which adds a bit of glam. Get them here at Monsoon.

For more of an investment glove, go for leather. They get better looking as they age and they are uber warm. If you think black leather gloves are the stereotype of an old dowdy granny, think again! These turquoise gloves are £18 from Monsoon again but do think of them as an investment, keep your hands warm whilst de-icing the car (something which cannot be done in woolly gloves!) Get your hands on them here!

If you have super cold hands that have a tendency to turn blue at a small drop in temperate, they're sure to be frozen cold in the winter! That's why you must get hold of these UGG Australia sheepskin fur lined gloves! Kinda eskimo-ey and a modern take on furry cave-woman mittens, these are sure to be toasty. Slightly pricier at $105 down from $140 but they'll last for generations and hey, it's UGG! Available at Bloomingdales here.

Monday, January 14

Serene beauty blog!

This is mine and my best friends beuty blog, dedicated to beauty. We'll be getting it sorted a bit better soon hopfully. It'll have review videos and makeup tutorials and lots of other beauty goodies! Check it out at!! That's

us above, and I'm on the right, Emilys on the left :D

What I'm going to be doing this week...

And this idea was pinched from Shoegal Fi who I'm sure won't mind!

...Writing a 200 line essay on the rise of Hitler

...Worrying that my gel nails are growing too fast

...Saving my money (no more buying unnecessary things from now on)

...Not going to the shop on the way back from school spending £2 a go on chocolate!

....Waiting to get my maths mock GCSE back :S

Sunday, January 13

Dior Gloss Show

Who can resist a trip to the beauty counters in Debenhams? Me neither! I was there yesterday and whilst I knew I didn't need anything, I just had to buy something! Has it become and addiction, buying from these designer makeup counters? Yes it has. I am a Dior lover, clothes and makeup and having succumbed to the cult of Dior show mascara and loved it, there was no harm in trying some other Dior backstage makeup. I found this in the sale , nothing wrong with it, just in the sale. It was £12 down from £17 and it is the Dior Gloss show lip gloss. It has an amazing amount of holographic glitter in it which is not grainy at all. I chose the lighter colour, Alessandra mauve over the more bright colours. Now don't take one look in the pot and say no. They look much less strong and pigmented colour on the lips than they do in the pot. Mine appears as a pink/purple with silver glitter flecks in it. These don't look super wet glossy on the lips, but the glitter does all the work. For an even more spectacular effect, I added a Lancome Juicy Tube over the top of this which made it wet look glittery gloss. Get your own here!