Wednesday, August 29

Estee Lauder gift time at Selfridges & co

Yes it's that time of the year, back to school, back to work and skin back to its normal washed out colour. All the beauty counters luring us in with "that just back from holiday skin" or "new autumn colours" buy two and get free products offer. Well me being on Selfridges mailing list, I get all the offers before they are out (and this is out already because my mail bx has been left closed for a while) and this is one to watch out for.

Buy two products, one of them being a skincare one and get this bag full of all its goodies free. I have to admit, I'm a sucker for these types of offers. But having just bought some Clinique moisturizer, this will be an offer I'm (sadly) left out of...

Get your Free Gift with two or more Estèe Lauder purchases, one to be skincare, exclusively at Selfridges. Available from 16 August to 1 September.

Make this your season to shine with today’s most wanted colours, skincare you love and more. Transform your skin with the absolute luxury of Re-Nutriv.

Ultimate Lifting Creme (7-day supply) and Re-Nutriv Hydrating Cleanser. Then, design one look after another with a full-size Pure Color Crystal Gloss, a compact of 4 Pure Color EyeShadows and a limited edition MagnaScopic Mascara and Lash Primer Plus Duo. An elegant tote and matching cosmetic bag complete this fabulous gift.

One gift per customer, while stocks last.

Tuesday, August 28

Bliss Ray of hope. The magical slimming suncream!

Bliss have their first ever online sale today! a 48 hour sale... So me who loves a bargain, browses through the website to find this. A suncream that makes you look slimmer? Yes a slimming suncream and It's up for grabs at £15 instead of the usual £25.

Bliss themselves describe it as "Want the ‘outside’ skinny? This new water-resistant broad spectrum sunscreen actually helps you fight fat while lying on the beach! With exclusive sun-activated spheres that release fat-attacking caffeine molecules when you need them most— while bearing the better part of your birthday suit in the sun—in a non-greasy spray formula of hydrating antioxidants and aloe. " So slap on your factor 20, look slim and prevent those sun induced wrinkles. In a handy spray bottle, this will also help provide a more even coverage. Take a closer look here.

Saturday, August 25


I'm getting lonley here! I can see who has been on my blog, yes from India, Australia, Milton Keynes, Texas. And I wish you would all leave me a comment :( I love writing but what else I love is a nice reply so I can see my writing is appreciated :D Leave me comments on how to improve my blog, just to say hi or if you like my writing. I am writing and you may not even like it!! So pop on to the comments and leave me one.
Oh and the blog is testing out a new colour scheme for a few days, do drop in and tell me what you think..

Beth :D

Dorothy Perkins sale!

As most of you know, DP is having a sale. I love sales and cant resist a gorgeous bargain. Here are my picks from the Dp sale...
This vest is a gorgeous shade of green. It's plain I know but it would look lovely with a white skirt and green wedges. And at £3 from £5, it can't be missed. Saving £2.
These linen trousers make a fresh alternative to black trousers for the office. They are smart enough for a formal event and would look great with a tee and some wedges for a casual outfit. £15 down from £25 saving £10.

Pumps are supposed to be "out" this winter but over at SFF we have decided that we're not letting go of our flats this easily. They are comfortable, stylish and great for dressing up/down. These have a very Pucci-esque print and would look cute with a pair of skinny jeans and a tunic top. Half price at £10 making a saving of £10.

Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. A girl can't have enough sunglasses and jewellery can she? I have a pair of sunglasses for everyday of the week and a couple spare. Another pair won't hurt and loving teal, these are the perfect pair for me. £5 from £10 saving £5. Necklaces are a great way to accessorize and totally change an outfit. These won't fail to impress! Red leaf necklace £2.50 from £10 saving £7.50. Orange bead necklace £2 from £8 saving £6.
If you are a lover of clutches, I'm sure you'll love this cute bag. Not a fan of clutches myself but the colour! Wow, amazing rich ruby red that is described as pink on the website. Perfect for a night out, this would fit in all the essentials. Half price ate £6 saving £6.
And for all you tall ladies, here is a gorgeous print tunic top. Fi, it's blue! A summer essential which can be used as a beach cover up or dressed casual or glam. Perfect multi tasker to save space in your suitcase. £12 down from £25 saving £13.

Not forgetting all those petite girls out there! These white cropped pants are a summer must have and cost £20 down from £25 saving £5. Pair with almost anything you can think of and go!

Mums to be can still look fashionable (as Carol from SFF proves to us). This printed smock is cute and casual, wear with jeans and pumps to show which cat's got the cream! £15 half price saving £15.

Friday, August 24

Purple, the colour of the season.

Purple. cute, girlie, sweet colour? No! it's the colour of the season an a must have for everyone. We can't stop talking about it over at SFF and here are my top 10 purple picks. Enjoy, Bon appetit...

A little black dress is an essential but the LPD is taking over. Stunning and goddess like, this is a fabulous dress. I love the gathering detail and I could imaging Angelina Jolie wearing it walking the red carpet. Yours for only £89 from Oli, it's hardly red carpet price!!

This purple bracelet from Accessorize is uber cute but could be glammed for nighttime chic with a silky purple shirt and black trousers. Very individual, it looks handmade and unique. Total modern city girl. £9. (See picture)
Purple shoes are a subtle way of introducing this A/W key trend into your wardrobe without looking like a trend victim. Wear them with jeans, black trousers or a white flowing skirt to look like the ultimate on trend girl. These are a fine example and £75 from FCUK. (See picture) The last essential is a good quality coat. Over at Oli, they seem to be indulging in the purple trend because they have stacks of purple clothes. I'm loving this coat £89...

If the summer decides to show up this year, purple sunnies are and essential to stay key on trend. Often spotted on Nicole Richie and such like celebrities, these style sunglasses can cost a fortune, but this is a nice and cheap way of introducing this winters trend before your friends without harming your wallet. These shades are £3 down from £8 in the Dorothy Perkins sale.Who doesn't own a coloured v-neck jumper? I own 5 but none are purple. So I will be getting myself down to Dorothy Perkins to snap up this purple v-neck jumper at the bargain price of £12!!
The designers at Net-a-porter are all jumping on the purple bandwagon too, look at these Sergio Rossi killer heels. They could look great with jeans or amazing with a dress. The only problem is the price tag...£355, but look at the shiny patent leather and jewels.Jimmy Choo is known internationally so he can get great ideas from the trends in different countries, this however, is a great British trend inspired bag! Yes purple, soft, squishy leather with silver, modern hardware. Ahhh £875 at Net-a-porter.

If you want to shell out £750 on a cute purple dress, then this is for you! Made by Fendi and oh so cute, it's detail and craftsmanship make this dress oh so desirable...

Debenhams have chosen wisely, combining two trends in one, The Lop (long+top=lop) and Purple, not forgetting a bit of sparkle. Wear this over leggings, with jeans or with tights for and uber glam look. Get it for £45.

Hair's a review for you!

Just a quick reveiw of Soap & Glorys "Hair supply"

Price:£6.00 for 200ml. The bottle was large so I presume if used weekly, it Will last about 3 months which is great value for money, but if used as a daily conditioner, it will last about as long as an average sized bottle of conditioner. Definitely good value for money as you don't need a lot to cover long hair.Price:8/10, a bit expensive for everyday use
Texture:It wasn't a too thick cream, just a nice gel feel to it. When on the hair, it gave off a nice cooling feeling to the head. It was nice to use because it wasn't sticky on my hands like some leave in conditioners are.Texture:10/10 No complaints here
Lives up to its claims...This claims that the "Gel formula hydrates and defrizzes but won't weigh hair down!" And yes it does live up to these claims, my hair was left very soft and shiny without any frizzies. It felt light and bouncy even after it had been left to dry naturally. I thought that my hair would be greasy after using this but it definitely isn't. It's just moisturized and soft. Now I can't stop messing with my hair.Truth:9.5/10, I can't give everything a 10 :P
Packaging:In a squeezy bottle which gives out just the right amount of product each time. But if the bottle was inadvertently stood on, you would loose all the product and the bottle would pop. It is strong plastic but not to withhold being stood on.Packaging:8/10 cute but poppable bottle
Comments:I totally love the smell of the Soap & Glory products and this smells like Clean on me shower gel. If you didn't like the smell of this, you will hate hair supply because it leaves a lovely strongish Soap & Glory smell on your hair afterwards.
Overall:9.5/10. This is another buy again product!

Sally Hansen-Diamond Strength Diamond Shine Top + BasE coat

How many years has Sally Hansen been around for now? Is it a brand old enough to be called retro or vintage? I sure think it is. Today I walked into TJHughes and saw a box of Sally Hansen nail products, needing a top coat I picked up a Sally Hansen one (for name see title). Its claims seem to be everything I've dreamed of! 10 days of chip free polish.. You heard right 10 days!!! It costs about £8 in boots and I got it for £1.50 which is a great price to try a product at.

Well today I used it as a base coat then put on 2 coats of Nails inc. orange (thanks Madoka for showing us orange can look great!) coloured nail polish which goes by the name of Malibu. Then sealed it with 2 coats of the diamond strength stuff. I can see one result already, it intensifies the nail colour making it look more vibrant and fresh. Get it from here.

I'll report back when my manicure is taken off to see if this is a really worthy buy.

Wednesday, August 22

Have greecian gladiator sandals outstayed their welcome?

How long have gladiatoresqe sandals been "in" for? Since last summer!! And they are still cropping up in shoe shops on the high street and independant stores nationwide!! Here are my top Grecian picks. Will you still be wearing Grecian style sandals come next summer?

These are £12 in the Faith sale down from £20 and available in gold or pewter (pictured). I would go for the pewter.

These detailed ones are £25 from Topshop. They are new in so if you like them, you'll have plenty of time to lay your hands on a pair or two...Pewter or brown, pewter or brown hmmm, I'll get both.
Have Faith in these £12 ones, down from £18 from Faith (get it?). Very simple, they would go with any outfit. Available in black or silver.
Very festival chick, these would suit the most tomboyish of girls. they ooze rockability and look comfortable. Your purse (or husbands wallet) will feel quite comfortable with these only costing £18!!

Faith have another pair in the sale costing £12 down from £22. The snakeskin effect pattern makes them just that little bit unique...A more tame option is these sandals J by Japer Conran at Debenhams. Dress them down with a sarong over your bikini or up with a glam maxi dress for night time glamour. A bit more pricey at £44 down from £55 but you know you're paying for quality....

You can even get gladiator style heels! I'm sure you would be entering your gladiator mode as soon as you put these Principals shoes £38.50 down from £55 on, all the other ladies would want them. You might have to fight to keep them on!!

Monday, August 20

Monday Must Haves!

So it's that time of the week again and hasn't last week gone fast!! I've not posted in a while so I hope to get my posting back to regular posts now...

Anyway, here's my must haves of the week

1. A haircut. I need one now, not had one for 8 weeks. And my hair is getting out of conditon.

2. This Jackie Brazil ring, £22 from ASOS. It was £18 a few weeks ago so it must've gone up in price. It's doing good for the environment as well as my shopping addiction....

3. I'm loving Lush shower jellies. The concept of showering with jelly is so fun (I'm childish but I love jelly). I made my first purchase of one today in "whoosh" which is very re-energizing!! But I want a sweet one that will make me feel all fun. That's why I want "Sweetie pie".

So, what are you wanting this week? Post in the comments section...

Friday, August 10

What I'm loving this week!

I'm going to introduce a new feature to my blog, what I'm wanting/loving, ahem "needing" this week. It's going to be called "Monday Must Haves" and It's going to be posted on a Monday (not a Friday, the idea just struck me today) hence the name. So get thinking what are your weeks must haves? Tell me what you are coveting in the comments section.

Number 1. Philosophy's ultra-rich 3-in-1 shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath. Key lime pie. Lime is my favourite scent and it will refresh you on those sleepy mornings when you don't want to get up for work. $16.00

This week I'm not feeling very needy! That's all I'm loving this week.
Remember to post your must haves in the comments section...

Thursday, August 9

Scrub your nose in a quickie review!

Ah cheesy title you may say, but excusing the pun, the title is telling a whole load of the t word (truth). I have done a review on Soap and Glory's "Scrub your nose in it" face mask/scrub which is now in BOOTS stores and Harvey Nicks (also on the website) but is reluctant to show its face on the BOOTS website.

Price:£7.00 was quite pricey for 125ml of product. It is a face mask with exfoliating grains which I'm sure many other companies make and sell for less than £7.00. So I was searching desperately for all the good points in this product to balance out the price.This is how desperate I was to use this a my future facial exfoliator.Price:8/10 (could have been worse, my mum has a Clarins £22 exfoliator that does the same as this, but there are cheaper scrubs out there)
Texture:It wasn't rough, the grains were small and it wasn't too thick. When used as a scrub it was very gentle on the skin. It wasn't runny so it's was extremely easy to apply and glided smoothly over the skin. It took a bit of rubbing to actually feel the scrub scrubbing your skin so when it was a face mask, it was smooth and non-itchy/scratchy.Texture:9.5/10 (nearly perfect,just takes a lot to be perfect for me.)
So does it live up to its claims...This claims to be "an oil absorbing,brightening,pore cleaning mask". It was definitely oil absorbing. My skin felt fresh and looked healthy after using the product. Very good! No lies there then S&G.Truth telling:10/10
Packaging: This was a nice, bathroom cabinet friendly bottle. Great size for taking away too! Love the colour theme through Soap & Glory's packaging, very retro.Packaging:10/10
Comments:This wouldn't be necessary to use every day. Every other day use would result in beautiful skin. I just love this product. Will definitely be a re-purchase. I love the fact that it's not been tested on animals.
Overall:9.6/10, Great product!

Wednesday, August 8

Cammy's scarf for £3 in the ASOS sale!

We all know that scarves are an easy way to accessorize and keep in the warmth but put off by the thought that all scarves are knitted by granny using up all her left-over wool? Times have moved on since the days of the unfashionable scarves only to be used on a winters day. Now you can get scarves to wear in all weather, in all patterns or colours and in many,many fabrics. Silk scarves glam up a LBD, cotton for a casual tee-shirt and wool (yes the woolly ones are still out there, but just as fashionable as any other scarf) to throw on with your tights, boots and wrap dress for a chilly day in the office.

Cameron Diaz is a scarf lover, and can look fab in whatever outfit she chooses and this one is no exception! Looking casual in her jeans and tee, the scarf adds tons of rockability to this outfit without looking too punky.

ASOS now have a virtually identical one here in the sale! I'm sure Cammy's cost more but this would hardly make a dent in anyones pocket! At £3 reduced from £10, this is a bargain not to be missed. Available in blue/black, pink/black and white/black, this is so funky and fashionable for the price, you may as well get all three! And may I add, I have a similar scarf to this and it has had many compliments already when I wore it. (more than similar, it is exactly the same as the white one but don't know if it was from ASOS as it was a gift). And any ideas on how to wear my scarf?

Tuesday, August 7

Fi from SFF gave me an idea today, this quiz was great to take and after trying different combinations of answers, I realised that there were loads of wacky results, but this was the real one for me! Try it and post your results here, see if your makeup style is like mine!
Your Makeup Look Is
Pale Lips with Big Eyes
A little classic, a little retro - you look fantastic in this high fashion look.