Friday, December 28

Lancome Baragin!

We all Love Lancome, yes, no? Well I do for sure, I'm a Lancome customer constantly and have over £170 worth of their cosmetics. One thing that I've found in the past years ladies is that you can't go wrong with a Lancome mascara. 1. Pick up any Lancome mascara 2. Try it on 3. Be wowed.
So yesterday whilst in Boots, I saw that Lancome was having a sale with all its giftsets, I picked up the L'extreme one and bbought it for £12! In a giftset when the mascara is £18.50 alone! I would have got Hypnose or Virtuose but they didn't have any. Now this is a fantastic mascara. Not as much volume as Hynose and not as much curl as Virtuose but great for £12.50! I'm off shopping tomorrow to search for a hypnose one!

Merry belated Christmas!

Hello, hello! I'd like to say happy Christmas to y'all but I'm slightly late, I know! Well I had a great Christmas, what about you? I got lots of lovely presents, beauty, fashion and bits & bobs. If you'd like to say what you got, just post in the comments part.

Wednesday, December 5

Shiny Fashion Forums!

You may have heard me talking about SFF or Shiny Fashion Forums around my blog, and if you've wondered what it is, I'm going to tell you. It is a forum dedicated to fashion and beauty, and let met tell you, it has some fabulous ladies there that make everyone feel at home and ready to talk fashion. It's the best fashion forum ever and if you're interested, pop over at! I'll see you there if you want to talk fashion and beauty and get to know some great people!

Open the door....

5th December
Today I would love to open my Malteasers advent calendar door and find this, wouldn't you? I love the No7 packaging this year, one reason being that it would totally match in my room!

This is an ideal introduction to No7 skincare.
Includes cleanser 30ml, toner 30ml, Cleanse & Care eye make-up remover 30ml, Essential Moisture day and night creams 15ml, a facial shammy and a handy towelling headband.
If you're interested in this gorgeous gift, get it here at the BOOTS website for a bargainous £15!

I'm back again!

I know I haven't posted in a while but yesterday was my first post to let you know I'm back, things got a bit busy what with Christmas coming up but I'm back to blog now and please keep leaving comments!

Tuesday, December 4

New feature:Advent calendar beauty!

I saw a similar idea on Kiss and makeup before and thought how good it was! This is simply a countdown to Christmas with this seasons hottest beauty finds! We're on the 4th now and from here we will begin, think of how fast Christmas will be here with all of these beauty products whizzing past day by day!

4th December...
Todays fantastic item is Too Faced's Fantastic Plastic collection! It is..

Plastic fantastic surgery alternative by Too Faced
Lash injection mascara; for a dramatic false lash look
Wrinkle Injection; a silicone-based primer to fill in wrinkles. Lip injection; increases circulation for a super gloss pout.

All packaged in a super cute pink Too Faced box. This present would make a lovely stocking filler for a lady in the family, maybe even a teenage neice. I do love the lip plumper and have heard rave reviews of the mascara so this would be a fantasticc set for me. hehe
Come back tommorrow to see what the next beauty item is.