Wednesday, July 23

Getting back to more formal outfits, I love the striking cobalt blue of this dress!The killer heels and funky accessories add a degree of edginess to the outfit without being overly "young" or "alternative" so most people could add and change things to their personal preferances. The red lip gloss and nail varnish add a lovely clash to the blue and will really make it pop!

If you prefer the more relaxed, low maintenance look on holiday, then this is perfect for you, because all though it looks great, it's really simple to re-create at home. The floppy hat will keep you in the shade all day while the sizzlin' hot lipstick adds a touch of fun into the outfit! Beads are simple to chuck on and the white accessories could easily be replaced with black and a pair of cool shades for a more evening look.

Whether it's a summer wedding or a walk in the country, this outfit is so versatile, pop on a pair of wellies for the country floral look, or wear it as it is for the summer wedding. Without being too overpowering, the orange & blue clash beautifully while the cream provides the perfect background and tones it all down a bit.

If you like a more classic look, the navy of this looks great with the cream, providing a modern twist on classic monotone. Because the skirt, top, shoes and bag are so simple, you can get away with wearing more than 1 piece of statement jewelry, therefore having the large gold discs necklace, chunky bangles and bow headband.

Only for the bold, this outfit looks striking and daring. The funky yellow dress and large patent bag are toned down with the classic sleek black shoes, but then the dame edna-esque glasses and bright red lipstick, not to forget the yellow nail varnish and chunky ring really add a sense of style to what could have otherwise been a very "safe" outfit.

This outfit is cool and crisp for summer, although the green adds a nice twist. Accessories could be changed for this outfit to any colour, showing the versatility of the monochrome. The green slush, icy lip balm and refreshing mint shower gel would all cool you off after a day of hot weather. The beach bag is large enough to carry essentials, plus more, making this a great outfit for mums on the go, to city girls who need to carry around laptops ect.

Once again, this is styled as a "funky formal" outfit. Although this is a very classic prom dress, I prefered to see what accessories could be added to really "funk it up". The shoes and bag are stunning, while the classic red lipstick (you wouldn't want purple would you!) and false eyelashes would really make this outfit dramatic. Simple square jewlery and only a bow for the hair stops it from being too "over fussy" and helps the outfit look more expensive.


mode-ulation said...

love the black dress in your last polyvore set =)

Julia said...

it's lovely purple color.

i love it.

This is creepy, wierd and I am being forced to read it as a class assignment! I think it is gross and repulsive. ewwwwww!!

limo warsaw